Our services represent an entire product development process, which we call “Product-to-Machine”.

In general, we always follow the same sequence of steps. However, if a step is not required since it is not necessary or it is covered by another partner, we can simply skip this part. Fundamentally, our development work always begins with a list of requirements that is as precise as possible and the possible preliminary work.

Our range of services


We begin every project with a flexible development plan. We are happy to advise you with our expertise in the fields of product development and mechanical engineering. We clarify the requirements, develop concepts, build prototypes and organize necessary partners.


Demand management

Disposable development

If all requirements are clear, we give this a shape. We design your applicator / disposable in CAD and can produce the first prototypes to test the functionality during the early stages of development. We optimize the parts until they are completely satisfactory.


Assembly engineering

Coordinated with the previously developed applicator, or already existing applications, we conceive, develop and build your production line. From assembly aids for manual production to manual (semi-automatic) assembly machines all the way to fully automated production lines, MEDIPA delivers what your production needs.

Packing engineering

Whether as a standalone packaging production of your existing products, or as a continuation of your assembly, we know our way around in packaging of bag or blister machines. Our portfolio has a sample of our bagging machine. We also have the ability to utilize third party machinery for your packaging solution.


Our engineering services include

Rotary transfer machines

The rotary transfer machine is our go-to product in terms of mounting. Whether manual or automated feeding of the products, the rotary transfer machine picks up the package in an ongoing rotation and assists in the development of the final product. The rotary transfer machine is capable of grasping a variable number and arrangement of the assembly operations. Some examples include handling, filling and sealing processes.

Bag machines

The vertical bag machine forms a package around your product around the product in the form of a stickpack. This type of packaging is not limited to solid goods, but also fillings in a liquid or powdery state. Whereas the width of the stickpack has a fixed format, the length can be changed with a simple touch.


With simple merchandise, we offer our cost-effective blister machine with pneumatic deep-drawing process and servo-controlled product feed. In high-performance areas with more complex applications, we use a blister machine from our partner and apply it to your requirements and integrate it into the entire production system.

Custom machines

We are very familiar with building specific machines for our customers:

Filling of liquids, powders and solids, punching of foils and mats, sealing of foils and injection molded parts, ultrasonic sealing of injection molded parts, labeling of products, handling and feeding process.

Our work and services cover all areas. From consulting and analysis to conception and complete machine and product completion.



Die vertikale Beutelmaschine bildet Folienbeutel in Form eines Stickpacks als Verpackung um Ihr Produkt. Dabei kann diese nicht nur zum Verpacken von Stückgütern, sonder auch für flüssige und pulverförmige Produkte genutzt werden. Die Breite des Sticks ist dabei innerhalb eines Formats fixiert. Die Länge kann hingehen per Touch geändert werden.



Die modulare Rundtaktmaschine ist unsere Allzweckswaffe in Sachen Montieren. Ob händisch oder automatisierte Zuführung der zu montieren Produkte, die Rundtaktmaschine nimmt im getankten Betrieb Ihre Produkte auf und erledigt in variabler Anzahl und Einteilung der Montageoperatioen die Montage bis zum fertigen Produkt. Zu den Operationen gehören viele Handlings-, Befüllungs- und Verschliessprozesse





Im niedrigen Leistungsbereich bieten wir Ihnen unsere kostengünstige Blistermaschine mit pneumatischem Tiefziehprozess und servogesteuertem Produktvorschub an. Im Hochleistungsbereich und bei komplexeren Applikationen setzen wir eine Blistermaschine unseres Partners ein und Applizieren diese auf Ihre Anforderungen und Integrieren diese in die gesamte Produktionsanlage.